An ‘American-in-Paris’ (that’s Paris, France) for over 30 years, I’ve developed an increasingly intense interest in what I consider to be the major issues of our time over roughly the last 12 years. Those issues include but are not limited to the Categories you see in the right sidebar.

Having recently left the working-stiff arena of salaried wage-slavery, I now find myself amongst the ‘semi-retired’ – any over-60s out there living on a meager pension will know what that means. It does have its upside though – more time to do some of the things I’d been putting off, including setting up this blog and pursuing a new activity : photography (for about a year and a half now, so there are no professional pretentions as to quality here).

The organization of the blog is simple enough : it has a static (fixed) front page so you have to click on ‘Posts’ up top or ‘Recent Posts’ in the sidebar to get them. There are, or soon will be, 2 main types of posts:  First, often but not always, photo-illustrated articles on the “momentous issues” referred to in the blog tagline. These I’ll call Running Commentary, which may be short, mid-length or longish and will deal with either recent newsworthy developments or more  ‘general situations’ which have existed for many years. Second, there is, or soon will be, a Photo-Gallery section meant to serve as a break from the more serious subjects, though some might not be totally unrelated. That will mainly be Street Photography in Paris but other places are likely to appear as well.


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