2 comments on ““Crime of the Century” is a tough one, already …

  1. Perhaps it isn’t what one knows, but Who, after all. It seems to me that if one knows the ‘right’ people, one might get away with just about anything and give any (or no) reason at all. I’m just glad that the powerful people “running things” have everyone’s best interests at heart, at least to some degree – or piece of a degree. Not to worry, the world is in capable hands – and most everyone is going to be reassured to ‘know’ it.

    • Smiler,
      I see the clear irony in your comment but of course what people ‘know’ is always going to be limited by what they ‘want,’ and they’ll always want to be enjoying the same comforts they’re used to, at least as far as middle-class America is concerned. Sooner than most expect that will likely no longer be an option.

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